Welcome to Venue Management Systems

VMS is a software and hardware solution to cater for the complete management of any venue that sells tickets, takes bookings, sells merchandise, provides hospitality or manages area access.
We have been working closely with a number of venues and football clubs for over 15 years, all starting with a bespoke turnstile development for Barnet FC.

As a modular based suite you can pick the functionality your business needs now and add other modules as you grow.

VMS is easy to use and provides the functionality needed to run any size venue in a single application, at a fraction of the cost of combining separate packages such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP or Sage.
As you grow VMS will grow with you, no need to worry about your systems keeping up. With VMS you already have all the tools you need. With your customers' data held securely in a single place, managing your GDPR data protection requirements becomes easy, more efficient and less costly.